Thursday, April 16, 2009

Magic is in the Air

There was magic in the air today the Skye was bluer then blue.
Autumn in Australia -I think- you can not get the weather any better then this,you feel like you are on the top of the world!.. I did today.

felt with silk thread and glass beats .
The days are a kind of hot but at night it is comfortable cool and with this cooler season coming closer i feel like KNITTING!
hand spun wools and silk.
Every winter i knit till late at night,spinning I have learned but don't do it as much because there is so much to do and little time! the moment I have several projects going on,painting,tatting,working in the garden and a stripping down paint job!...and soon i will be picking up my shawl I have been knitting since last winter.
I experiment a bit too. hand spun silk/wool with pearls and coral.
The bracelet I wear often. hand spun mohair with felt flower.
Have not been wearing the necklaces yet. hand spun silk with tatted flowers.
For me this season is very inspirational ,the shades at the end of the day inspire me to paint,the blue Sky's make me want to felt and then there are all the other things you want to do,cook a nice meal,go for a walk,play hide and seek with Dingo in the garden,chat with the neighbor and so on lets not forget Blogging and keeping in contact with family and friends...there is just not enough time in the day,it is great when your health is with you so you can do all of these things i am very grateful today.


Aleksandra said...

Is it herfst bij jouw? Wat ben ik een oen,it is upside down I live up side down yeah!!Love Sandra

Sarah Lulu said...

So beautiful I love the bracelet, how clever I never would have thought of that.....

Your creativity is contageous.

Delwyn said...

it sounds as if Autumn really suits you and you are in fine spirits.
That's great...
I was even thinking of knitting and crocheting today too. I pulled out a patchwork quilt I started a couple of years ago- might be time to finish it...

Delwyn said...

P.S. I am still posting. Blogger has a problem and my new posts are not being feed to other bloggers' bloglists so it appears as if I am stuck with Florence!

I am feeling very lonely today!

Draffin Bears said...

Glad that you have had a good day Mona.

The bracelet you made is beautiful and how talented you are.

Have a great weekend

Mona said...

Hallo Lieve Sandra...ja het is herfst gelukkig wel ! has been so warm this summer this weather is much, much better!
love from Oz!
XXX Mona

Mona said...

Hi Sarah Lulu!

Thank you and i hope I have inspired you !

Mona said...

Delwyn,I think because of being born in the northern atmosphere my constitution likes a bit colder weather Not to cold!..It is starting to become the perfect climate for me.
have a nice evening!
XXX Mona

Mona said...

Thanks Carolyn,your health is everything without it hopes and dreams are out of reach!
have a nice weekend!

June Saville said...

You're right about Australian autumn - especially where we live. It's magical right now.

I too am feeling more energetic and creative ...

Mona said...

good morning June

We are so lucky !
where you are it must be double magic!

melissa said...

this is beautiful!

Mona said...

Hello Melissa

Thank you very much ,nice to see you here!

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