Wednesday, April 15, 2009

living with ants

I have been living with ants lately,I share my living space with these funny little creatures,the story started with just 4 living happy on my table nibbling on whatever I left laying around we gotten used to each other and I thought they must be homeless ants looking for a cosy place to live over the winter months and shelter from the rain.
As you know Ants do have large families my friends must have told all of their families members about this spot,my table,my couch,my bed,my food,my floor just about every where I have members of the family living in good harmony and clean they are as well.
But is this now getting out of hand?..when rains have passed will they return home and leave me in peace ?..well you see I do not know what to do as I am not for killing they deserve the world as much as I do
I deleted the footage because it was taken ages too load the page
look they are really nice!
I am sure that many people will just wipe them of the face of the earth and would not think twice about it but I just cant do it! I have to accept and wait till the rains have gone ooh and probably not having sweet things around on the table because just like me they have a sweet tooth!


Aleksandra said...

Ieeuuuw,this part of the nature is not making me happy when too close to me!Drowing is beautiful thou.Doeg,San

Mona said...

ha ha ik kan er ook niets aan doen!..uhm ik zal de award even moeten bewaren want ik moet natuurlijk zeven schilders gaan vinden waaraan ik de award kan doorgeven ,ooh en nog eens zeven waarvan ik denk dat ze het verdienen ...ok,ooh en zeven dingen van mijzelf..dus ik leg het even in de kast je zal snel genoeg zien hoe het vergaat.
Het was een goede dag om zonneschijn te sturen het was hier zo warm! Mona

Sandra Evertson said...

That's so funny, last year the same thing happened to us! We were living peacefully when one day I noticed my cat staring at the floor and it was one little ant, a few weeks later is was several dozen! They were coming in to steal his dry cat food! I won't kill things either so I just put some dry cat food on the balcony and now they don't have to come all the way in anymore! Crazy, I know!
Sandra Evertson

Delwyn said...

Hi Mona
I too have had terrible trouble with ants but they seem to have gone home at the moment! They enter one side of the house and head off for the kitchen rubbish bin right across the other side of the house...and then they wander around the bench top in their thousands.
I get tired of apologising for wiping them away...

Lola said...

Ants.. formiche. Intrusive and eerily intuitive. Who wants to live with them? Not too fond of ants, no.

I'm however fascinated by how they're able to carry huge loads, so the video you uploaded was fun to watch.
Ciao and... good luck.

Mona said...

Hello Sandra nice to meet you!

Yes I think it is funny but is it really?..I always had to deal with them getting in my cats food but now they are getting in mine!

Ooh well one of these things!

Mona said...

good Morning Delwyn

I apologize myself crazy!..because i do have to clean my table,walk on my is getting hard not to kill so now and then!

xxx Mona

Mona said...

Hello Lola how are you today?

Living with Ants is part of the deal when you live in Australia,especially when the rains are on its way you can tell because the ants will be moving inside,very useful!..but at times i wish they found some where else to go!

TattingChic said...

Oh, I had ants coming to steal food from my cat once, too! It was when I lived in the desert and they were RED ants! NOT COOL! Not cool at all. I love God's creatures, too, but not in my home, LOL!

Oh, I have a little something for you at my blog! Come and get it if you please! :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mona,

I had trouble with ants a few weeks ago and they were pesky.
Someone had left something on the bench and they were everywhere.
Even in the dishwasher.

I hope that they go somewhere else soon away from your kitchen.


Anonymous said...

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