Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear is the casurina to my soul

But not because of its magnificence
Dear is the Casuarina to my soul:
Beneath it we have played; though years may roll,
O sweet companions, loved with love intense,
For your sakes, shall the tree be ever dear!
Blent with your images, it shall arise
In memory, till the hot tears blind mine eyes!
What is that dirge-like murmur that I hear
Like the sea breaking on a shingle-beach?
It is the tree's lament, an eerie speech,
That haply to the unknown land may reach Toru Dutt 1856-1877

Not because of love but because of sound this tree takes me back in time when I slept on deserted beaches.
I was only seventeen when I traveled up to Arnhem land (Arnhem Land, Australia, is Aboriginal homeland at the Australian Top End east of Darwin). our hearts were courage's and young and fear did not exist,I slept everywhere i lay my head never thinking of what might be hiding in our wild bush ,so I never did see any danger,no spiders,snakes,crocs we just cruised along in the jeep and picked out the most beautiful places to stay for a while.
After a while being in nature we lost all interest for materialism i think there were moments I can recall as the happiest time in my life so far,our trip lasted for three months and I have a few nice story's to tell if you want?? artwork by me,pen drawing from a long time ago


Aleksandra said...

Yes pretty please,tell? :O)

Kayla coo said...

Hi Mona,
Your tree drawing is full of interesting patterns,lovely.x

kenflett said...

This is a lovely blog. You have a nice way of writing and wonderful images, it kindof all floats.

Draffin Bears said...

You have a new blog header Mona, very lovely.

I like your tree drawing also.

Happy Easter

June Saville said...

Hi Mona
The casuarina is a tree of my soul too - its sound is haunting. But the tendrils of leaves, the grace of its branches, the delicate seed pods and its innate strength - able to survive in such harsh conditions - are all ample reasons.
June also in Oz

Delwyn said...

I adore your new header art Mona...
Please do tell us of your adventures.

I think I told you that when I first came to Au I thought the casurina was so scrappy and beaten looking and then how I grew to love its sensuous feminine ways, it moves with the wind, bending and swaying, a good way for us to be too...

I love your beach sketch for this post - perfect.
well done Mona
You are full of surprises.

Mona van dijk said...

Aleksandra hello sis of the hood!
happy you want to know more about my young adventure! xxx

Mona van dijk said...

Hi again Kayla!

This drawing is a sketch of the tree I would once upon a time have painted,it is a very old one of my early work.

Mona van dijk said...

hello Kenflett
Happy to see a new face I was over at your blog very interesting!
Thank you kindly for your comment.

Mona van dijk said...

G'day Carolyn on this nice day afternoon
Thank you for noticing the new header it looks a bit happier then the other drawing.

Happy Easter to you too!

Mona van dijk said...

Good afternoon June

There are many reasons for me to love this tree too.

Mona van dijk said...


I thought this morning when I looked at my dashboard..huh no post from Delwyn ? i missed not reading my dose of a hazy moon!..
I will start to look up the pictures from a long time ago,they tell half of the story.
Hope you are having a nice day over at your way!I have this print (The new header) available for you if you want?..i still want to give you one as I promised.
xxx Mona

Aleksandra said...

Mona babe,There is a small award for you on my blog,take it dear,if you want.Liefs van mij,xxx

Delwyn said...

that would be lovely.

Is it the same print as the red flowers or slightly different?

I'll tell you why I didn't post in an email.

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