Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have a liking towards the colour blue drawing by me
Some things I have
some things I do setting up a new drawing
I just like blue making dolls


Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Hello ... I came to you via Delwyn at a hazy moon. I love your artwork and thoroughly enjoyed the story of Dingo, the cat! He reminds me of a cat I once had named, Nick the Cat. He was a character & ruled the house!
Lizzy :-)

Sarah Lulu said...

Beautiful blue.

I plan on working on some canvases and a block for carving over Easter.

I hope I do something a quarter as beautiful as yours!

Delwyn said...

Mona, lovely blues,

I especially love the big blues circles. I use to be a blue girl but lately have turned into a greeny person...

Annie said...

Hello Mona
An answer on your question: a Lemonade Award is given to blogfriends that show great Gratitude and/or Attitude. Like you.
Ja, de naam zegt niet veel, ik heb hem ook niet uitgevonden... Ik heb getwijfeld of ik hem wel op mijn blog zou zetten en door geven. Mensen voelen zich wel gevleid, maar krijgen direct een hoop werk om deze door te geven aan anderen.
Wat jij deed met de bloemetjes die je opdroeg aan je blogvrienden, vind ik veel beter. Dit is dan ook veel vrijblijvender.

Aleksandra said...

Hou van jouw blauw,zoes,heeft heilzaame uitwerking op mij.En wat Annie zegt over award's,ben ik eigenlijk me eens,ik zou echt niet weten hoe ik alles moet plaatsen en dan wie moet ik well en wie niet een geven,niet iets voor mij,word ik triest van.Ik will dat iedereen een award krijgt die ik waardeer.Wat moet ik nou doooooeeeen?Liefs, ik!

Mona van dijk said...

hello Lizzy

nice to meet you!..thank you for your nice comment on my art..I will be over to your blog ..yes dingo is a character so loving but demanding as well!

greeting from Oz

Mona van dijk said...

Hello Sarah or is it Lulu?..I am looking forward to what you are going to paint on your canvases and all that matters is that you like what you are doing..hope to see you here again, I have been to your blog today,nice trip you had!

Mona van dijk said...

Hi Delwyn,

I do change so now and then to my liking towards colours but blue is still my all time favorite.


Mona van dijk said...

Hello Annie

i have just been over to your blog ..thanks for coming to Australia today!

Mona van dijk said...

Hee Aleksandra it is all good dont worry!..we hebben niets te bewijzen.

a sis from the hood!

Aleksandra said...


Renee said...

You doll is beautiful Mona.

Thanks for the pink and brown flowers they are beautiful and can you believe it, I received them already.

How are you feeling now Mona, and your mother, how is she feeling now?

Take care of yourself.

Love Renee xoxo

TattingChic said...

What a "blue-tiful" post! Loved it! Love the tatting in that second photo that is part of the background! So cool!
The doll is darling, but she sort of look like she's threatening me...what if I don't want to make a wish right now? Will she hurt me?

LOL! ;)

Mona van dijk said...

hello Renee

Thank you I send you flowers any day!

xx Mona

Mona van dijk said...

You are Funny tatting Chic ...But i must admit she does looks a bit threatening ! real life she is so sweat.
Nice you are back again I always miss you when you are not around!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mona,

I love your blue post and all your beautiful Artwork.

Have a great Easter, my friend.


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