Monday, March 30, 2009

Good morning to the World

We are reborn into this world every time we wake,there is daily the change to make a new start and live a new life. from the thousands paths to wisdom.

Sometimes when I lay my head to rest at night,
when i feel the day was not that great
I remember to say to myself
There will always be tomorrow to try again.

artwork by me, water colour and ink on paper.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy birthday mamma Maria mamma moonlight

Hello Mamma it is your birthday today so I have made a collage with happy pictures,lovely memories .
wonder what you are doing up there in heaven having a party?..we are just taking it easy today and celebrate your birthday in our hearts,I can smell your favorite flower outside and this weather would have been perfect to have a little walk about together.
yes this has been a lovely day today i "just "wanted to let you know.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stars and the Moon

It doesn't have to be dark for you to reach for the stars-they are always out there waiting to be touched. from a thousand paths to wisdom.

Artwork by me: ink and water colour on paper.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Its Finally Autumn weather
Ooh how I have been waiting for these perfect blue sky's .
Waking up from a summer sleep with a gentle breeze.
From Oceans not so far.
I am in a dream like state of mind.
This feels like being in LOVE.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009


This word has been on my mind this week actually more what it means to me.
Distance is relative when you tune in it does not matter where you are you can sense what other people are somehow feeling ,people who are close to you,on the other side of the world or, in the room next to yours and on the other site of the computer screen.I find this fascinating how this works in our world but do I want to have an explanation or read about it or,do I just want to believe that we are more then mind,body and soul that our spirit is actually a had of us and we are catching up a little later to be confirmed that what we where feeling or and thinking was right! I have had enough experiences to believe that "Distance is Relative".
I wonder if you had any experiences that confirms this ?
Or what is your opinion on this?
artwork by me,japanese water colours on paper.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Knots to be precise 18.710.00 of them I have spend a bit of time on making this shawl/necklace but I am pleased! long pearl shape's around the neck and at the end round shape's made out of shell.

I have used two shuttles and white cotton thread...........And

My hands which after this project desperate need a rest .

Friday, March 13, 2009

Proud to present "zebra stones"

The unique Zebra Stone has been placed at 600 million years in the Upper Proterozoic era or Pre-Cambrian period. The only known deposits in the world have been discovered in the East Kimberleys, Western Australia.

The stone consists of a fine grained siliceous argillite (indurated siltstone or clay stone) with rhythmic patterns of red bands or spots contrasting sharply with a lighter background. It is not known how the regular patterns were formed, but the red stripes are colored by ferric (iron) oxide. Geologists have investigated Zebra Stone without producing any valid explanation of its origin. The stone's unsurpassed natural beauty typifies the color and spirit of Australia and some have said the stone has a special quality bringing luck. Most occurrences are now submerged beneath the dam waters of Lake Argyle. Since its discovery in 1924, it has been used widely as an ornamental stone.picture 1/. The first zebra stone was given to me by my mother ,she secretly pushed the stone in my hand and said: this one will bring you luck.picture 2/my collection.

The zebra stone is a jewel from a different kind i look at my collection often and love the mystery surrounding them,they feel so clean but robust and the patterns are so from another world ,I have fallen for this stone. picture from the web

Info on the zebra stone found at the world library.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Viva la frivolite # 3

Two more pages finished of my little felted book.
I have done a bit of rescuing, First this beautiful peace of art I felt so lucky I found this in the op shop.

I thought i used up all of my luck but gave it another try a few day's later and.....
Another peace so beautiful I had to think of this lady or maybe man tatting this into a perfect composition of far i have only found one spot where you can see some sewing in I treasure this one dearly so....

I had to take a picture of dingo dreaming away under a landscape of flowers.
This has been a great finding treasures week so far.

Now i am going to my ballroom class.

But my neck is a bit crook.
Maybe if I shake it a bit,or walk up strait.
perhaps a little less of internet will do the trick?
But i am addicted to blogland can"t you see.
And everything I want to know is in my little box
Day and night in front of me.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Single Tree

I am one single tree,grown tall with complicated patterns,one strong tree colorful and free.
I am one Tree, standing tall with whispering leaves.
I am one Tree who has whispered and spoken up loud depending on the wind, a tree who has found a place to just hang out in silence,the whispering has stopped for now because there is no breeze to make her sing.

artwork by: mona van dijk -acrylic on canvas.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Emerged into the movement of fish and kelp...
acrylic on canvas original painting is much more clear but liked it blurry for this post.
painting by : Mona van dijk

Monday, March 2, 2009

where I was born

In prehistoric times the sea still washed over what now is land ,accumulating sand,clay and gravel,gradually formed the ground that today is Holland.

The history of the Netherlands was not one of passive submission.After being ruled for centuries by foreign dynasties ,the freedom loving inhabitants decided to be independent.

In this low-lying country,many parts of which are well below sea-level.
Windmills have long been used for mastering the inland water ways when swollen by heavy rainfall excess water is pumped back into the rivers or the sea.
The windmill has established itself as an inseparable part of the dutch landscape.
When between Easter and Whitsunday dutch people go to see the tulips ,hyacinths,and narcissus,filling field upon field with their colourful profusion.
It has been said about the dutch that they only begin to feel free and easy when they are on the ice. ( this makes me laugh)
Rembrandt's Night watch ,the most famous off all dutch pictures.
The little boys are dressed like the girls and wear their hair long.
In 1948 Queen Juliana took the oath-at present we have Queen Beatrix-
If you are looking for Holland at its most characteristics,you can't find a prettier scene than e meadow with cows.
On the soggy soil the reputedly national foot wear is very useful.
porters on the Alkmaar Cheese market.

From the top of the dunes you look down safely onto the ranks of the waves that topple over one and another in the surf.
Since 1875 ,its sturdy poles and gently sloping stones offer well calculated resistance to the waves.
And what is my post without some sort of handcraft -i learned to knit at a very young age and till today my knitting needles come with me where ever I go-

Hope you have liked this little bit of history about my home country of course in the year 2009 much have changed and to my regret sometimes-I have been back only once since I live here in Australia, in some parts of the city I cant read some signs ,It is not safe on the streets,20 million people living on a square meter per person, music ,art and culture are the things that i miss at times Ooh and some of the foods make me dream...Coffee is for real..I don' understand instant coffee do you?.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

J for Jan

I was given the letter J too play with I opened the dictionary and did see a few words that I would use like:Jazz,or Jewelery,Jacaranda,Jasmin,Jeans,joke but none of them rang the bell as much as my dad's name: Johanus Antonius or short: Jan

He was born in 1933 and he had 16 other brother and sisters. large family life in these day's

He was a fine young man here who loved ballroom dancing

He danced many nights away with my mum his favorite dance: the slow foxtrot

I came in there life as the fifth child the youngest of them all.

Jan my dad is in his seventy's now and lives in Holland.Jan without you there would not be a me..

thank you Carolyn for giving me this letter.

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