Sunday, April 19, 2009

Down the stream

Somewhere unknown to me you will float.
But I have made a wish.
Remember to be careful when you find
These flowers from my heart.
artwork by me.


Aleksandra said...

I hope your wish will come to be alive!
In this morning I call upon my angels
to give me strength and courage to walk my path with eyes not desturbed by enything but beauty in all.
It is all about trust.
Hola Moontje,kusje van me en een prachtige dag wens ik jullie,dikke knoef,Sandra

Mona said...

Thanks Sandra and I think it is a good idea to call upon your angels!

big kiss from Dingo!

TattingChic said...

Mona, this is lovely. What a lovely thought, too.

Sarah Lulu said...

So beautiful .....

Delwyn said...

Hi Mona,
a purple flowery day for you,

your flowers made me feel like I was swimming over pebbles underwater in a beautiful clear stream...
Happy Days

Mona said...

Ooh Thank you Tatting chic,lovely comment like always!

Mona said...

Hello Sarah,how is autumn down your way?..thanks for your comment you are lovely!

Mona said...

Hello Delwyn ,yes they turned out a bit purple but they are actually blue in real life ooh well i am just a bit lazy with setting up my scanner I have been using my camera instead.
And I can Imagine swimming in this Cristal clear water,my mind set is good at the moment!

xxx mona

Lola said...

Mona you are so talented! Those purple flowers are beautiful, I'd like to cover my bedroom walls with them.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mona,

So pretty and such lovely colours.

I hope that your week is a happy one.


Mona said...

Hi Lola

Thank you kindly!..depending on the size of your bedroom it would probably take me a year ! (you said you live in a small apartment)...

Mona said...


Hello Neighbor!

You have a happy week too!

Aleksandra said...

Dag moon,Dingotjens,en zus van Moon,zo maar even langs gewipt om youhoe te roepen,het gaat niet goed hier,ben zo fucking alleen in alles,was ik maar gezond.Ik hoop dat bij jouw veel beter gaat,als ik maar in staat was om mij te
projecteren,en hopla,ben ik eve' weg hier, kopje koffie samen leuten of zo iets.Nou,ik ga verder,voel me net als Celvin,van Celvin and Hobbes,you know them?One of my fav.commics.
OK, liefs en groetjens van mij,XXX Sandra

Mona said...


I have send you an

Katy said...

Your art is wonderful - just wanted to let you know!

Mona said...

Thank you Katy..and how nice too meet you!

Annie said...

Dag Mona, Dit zou ook mooi zijn als textielontwerp. Of doe je dat ook toevallig? Groetjes, Annie

Mona said...

hallo Annie

No I have not done that YET!

greetings from oz

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