Monday, March 2, 2009

where I was born

In prehistoric times the sea still washed over what now is land ,accumulating sand,clay and gravel,gradually formed the ground that today is Holland.

The history of the Netherlands was not one of passive submission.After being ruled for centuries by foreign dynasties ,the freedom loving inhabitants decided to be independent.

In this low-lying country,many parts of which are well below sea-level.
Windmills have long been used for mastering the inland water ways when swollen by heavy rainfall excess water is pumped back into the rivers or the sea.
The windmill has established itself as an inseparable part of the dutch landscape.
When between Easter and Whitsunday dutch people go to see the tulips ,hyacinths,and narcissus,filling field upon field with their colourful profusion.
It has been said about the dutch that they only begin to feel free and easy when they are on the ice. ( this makes me laugh)
Rembrandt's Night watch ,the most famous off all dutch pictures.
The little boys are dressed like the girls and wear their hair long.
In 1948 Queen Juliana took the oath-at present we have Queen Beatrix-
If you are looking for Holland at its most characteristics,you can't find a prettier scene than e meadow with cows.
On the soggy soil the reputedly national foot wear is very useful.
porters on the Alkmaar Cheese market.

From the top of the dunes you look down safely onto the ranks of the waves that topple over one and another in the surf.
Since 1875 ,its sturdy poles and gently sloping stones offer well calculated resistance to the waves.
And what is my post without some sort of handcraft -i learned to knit at a very young age and till today my knitting needles come with me where ever I go-

Hope you have liked this little bit of history about my home country of course in the year 2009 much have changed and to my regret sometimes-I have been back only once since I live here in Australia, in some parts of the city I cant read some signs ,It is not safe on the streets,20 million people living on a square meter per person, music ,art and culture are the things that i miss at times Ooh and some of the foods make me dream...Coffee is for real..I don' understand instant coffee do you?.....


TattingChic said...

Holland sounds like a lovely place to have as a homeland! Thanks for sharing. There is a lady named "Riet" who just commented on my last blog post (about the catching up on TIAS) who is from the Netherlands. She is wanting to learn more about tatting. Perhaps you could find her on my comment list and visit her blog! ??? :)

Draffin Bears said...

I enjoyed reading about the history of your homeland.
I had a Dutch flat mate, still a good friend and her parents were from Holland.

I loved the picture of little boy and girl in traditional costume and with clogs. I have a little Dutch boy & girl doll in my collection.
The tulips and flowers must be beautiful.


Delwyn said...

That was a great post Mona, now I have some imagesto put with the little bit of knowledge I had about Holland. Thanks for taking me there..miss Knitter.

Mona van dijk said...

from miss knitter:you are all wonderful what more can I say.

it is my homeland but i rather be here.

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