Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Viva la frivolite # 3

Two more pages finished of my little felted book.
I have done a bit of rescuing, First this beautiful peace of art I felt so lucky I found this in the op shop.

I thought i used up all of my luck but gave it another try a few day's later and.....
Another peace so beautiful I had to think of this lady or maybe man tatting this into a perfect composition of far i have only found one spot where you can see some sewing in I treasure this one dearly so....

I had to take a picture of dingo dreaming away under a landscape of flowers.
This has been a great finding treasures week so far.

Now i am going to my ballroom class.

But my neck is a bit crook.
Maybe if I shake it a bit,or walk up strait.
perhaps a little less of internet will do the trick?
But i am addicted to blogland can"t you see.
And everything I want to know is in my little box
Day and night in front of me.


Delwyn said...

Oh aren't we all addicted. I just notice in your tree there is a female figure running down the centre...

Mona van dijk said...

Hello dear Delwyn nice you have noticed the figure in the painting ,you know I have called this painting" woman in hiding" the process of that work was very important i will say no more i think you will understand.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mona,

Love all your work, for your needlefelted book. Just lovely.

Sorry your neck is sore - have you had any phsyio - or have you tried Voltaren?

Enjoy your dancing.


Mona van dijk said...

Hello Carolyn!...Thank you for your concern,I have to deal with my posture more then anything,sitting behind my computer does not make things better,at the moment i use some Chinese rub which really works!

Have a lovely weekend!

xx Mona

TattingChic said...

Oh, what darling pages for your felt book! I love them! I am reading in the comments about the Woman In Hiding" and I see I will have to go back and take another look! Very cool!

Lovely rescued tatting! I have some pieces I have rescued as well! :)

Mona van dijk said...

Hello tatting chic..i love your visits and how wonderful are these peaces I have rescued.

pss; found another one today on the Farmers market ???

pRiyA said...

These are beautiful! Of course, they look best on you know who...

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