Monday, March 16, 2009


Knots to be precise 18.710.00 of them I have spend a bit of time on making this shawl/necklace but I am pleased! long pearl shape's around the neck and at the end round shape's made out of shell.

I have used two shuttles and white cotton thread...........And

My hands which after this project desperate need a rest .


Draffin Bears said...

My what a lot of work Mona.
I love your necklace that you have made and I am not surprised that your fingers need a rest.

Happy St. Patricks day


Delwyn said...

That's amazing and when you wear it it will feel like a treasure because of all that effort.

Mona van dijk said...

Dear Carolyn :It was worth all the effort,some time soon i will make a picture me wearing it !!!

OOh thank you Delwyn I am really not a jewelery person but sometimes I make a bit of an effort,so this one will be extra special!

Hope you are having a good day !

TattingChic said...

What an absolutely unique and beautiful project! So lovely! I just love the artistic manner in which you approach tatting. :)

Mona van dijk said...

Hello tattin chic I hope your back is getting better?..Thank you for your professional opinion on my work I appreciate it very much!

greetings from Australia!

Annie said...

Dag Mona, Je bent echt een creatieve duizendpoot met blijkbaar veel geduld. Mooi, wat jij maakt!
En die zebrastenen heb je niet zelfgemaakt... Ik dacht eerst dat dit keramiekwerkjes van jou waren, gemaakt naar zebrastenen.
Als creatieveling kun je beslist Belgische wafels bakken. Zal sneller en goedkoper zijn dan eens op een drafje naar België te komen:-)

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