Thursday, May 7, 2009

who is the owner?

Knitting a shawl is a long story one I started last winter with good spirit,determination to have it finished by the end of last winter... not!....picked it up a few weeks ago and under the watch full sleepy eye of Dingo my journey of evenings dedicated to the endless sound of needles knitting has finished in a Beautiful pink shawl made with silk and rabbit soft and gentle on the skin but hey!
Who is that taking ownership of my warm winter shawl?...huh!
Of course you guessed wright Dingo loves it too,all that hard work, watching for a long time has payed of, I will just have a rest now if you don't mind and Mona you can share it with me so now and then..thanks for knitting me uh and you this warm cosy dream away shawl.


Delwyn said...

What a beauty - soft and a gorgeous colour no wonder dingo has claimed it - that is really the proof that you have made a winner...

Aleksandra said...

I would do the same as Dingo,lekker!
Nice dreams darling,love Sandra

Sarah Lulu said...

A pink shawl idea of heaven.

Annie said...

Leuk geschreven bericht, Mona. En het was geen slang zoals ik eerst dacht te zien, maar een dingostaart. Waar vind je al de tijd om te doen wat jij allemaal doet? Ik word een beetje jaloers;-) Je hoeft hier niet op te antwoorden, hoor. Ik denk gewoon luidop.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mona,

What a lovely feeling, having finished such a big project and such a lot of work ~ I love your pretty pink shawl and my favourite colour.

I hope you can reclaim it from Dingo.

Enjoy your Friday

Mona said...

*Morning Delwyn,yes it is a winner I have a secret love affair with the colour

*Aleksandra ha yes I would too!xxx

*Sarah lulu nice to see you here again!..wearing the shawl feels like

*Hello Annie to answer your question I work from home so i have the privilege to work tomorrow instead of today,naughty me!

*good morning Carolyn,i will only share my pinky shawl with dingo because he is a good friend!xxx

TattingChic said...

Oh, that shawl looks so soft and pretty! Dingo has good taste! I do not blame him one bit for taking ownership of the beautiful shawl! I would, too! LOL! Hopefully you will have it all ready for the coming winter! :)

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