Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today I walked around "The Hood" making pictures of all the flowers i came across ..native flower,,garden flowers,lonely street flower,fence flower,pot flower,favorite flower and even a street sign flower all beautiful and colour full..
This native flower in bloom smells like honey and when you touch it honey drops fall out,very sweet .

click on image to enlarge
There where so many flowers i had to fit them in a collage.
From Leonard street through Churchill st across the bridge on Deshon rd short walk through the park along the mangroves a little bit over busy old Cleveland road into Maynard st,flower street and right turn back into Leonard st only a short walk to home where my favorite Pansy's were waiting for me..
Have a sunny and bright


Delwyn said...

Hi Mona

What a flowery walk you had and right through Flower St too - very hippie territory...
Your collage is lovely - aren't they fun to make.
Pansy remind me of my childhood home. There were always Pansies up the driveway...
Are you near the gym/sports stadium
on Old Cleveland Rd? Ae Ran used to have her gymcompetitions there.
have a great sunday

Happy days

Aleksandra said...

Hela,dat ben ik maarhhhhhhooorhhhh.
Gewoon een kus en een miiiiiiiaaaauuuw,dank for the pracht bloemmig wandel,heb het gekopieerd,theplattegrond en zo.Kun ik better over dromen.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mona,

What a lovely walk you must have had.
I just love all the flowers you have shared with us.
Wouldn't it be neat to live in Flower Street - I like that.

I love your Pansies back home - they are such sweet little flowers and always make me feel happy.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Mona said...

Hi Delwyn!..uhm not so much a hippie territory more a retirement village!..very quiet good for the time being,i am not sure about the sports stadium as old Cleveland road is long and busy i don't like driving that way too much1
You have a lovely market Sunday too!

Mona said...

Hi Aleksandra ..nice to have you back in Australia I would help you with making the plant boxes If I could!

take it easy! xxx

Mona said...

Hi Carolyn,Pansy's are almost like little smiling faces they make me smile!..flower street is a very sweet street with small workers cottages and yes lots of flowers!

have a nice Sunday ( what is left of it) xxx

Aleksandra said...

Hola klein liev zeldzaam bloempje van me,hier een groet maar ik schrijv je een email vanavond,OK?

mady dooijes said...

i gave you an award on my blog hope you like it. xmady
and an other one, but i emailed that one. x

Annie said...

Hallo Mona, alles ok? Lang geleden dat je nog een berichtje hebt geplaatst op je blog...

Alexa said...

Helo,gaat het goed?No news,good news?
Hope so! xxx kusjes Sandra

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