Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fallen in love with Australia

When I came here the first time about 23 years ago I was sold to the beauty of this land-my
wish to be able too live here was a dream come true when I moved here 9 years ago-
Outside living is such blessing when you grew up in a big city at the other side of the world,places are overcrowded never a time too be alone or have silence surrounding you.
This place is my inspiration for many of the things I do-I belong here as much as the tree's -
And tree's i love.

Working with felt became a passion when introduced By my good friend mady dooijes
I have not worked with felt for a while but when I picked out some peaces this morning i thought hee I need to do some felting soon again -I think I stopped for a while because of the water shortage-i was making very large peaces which uses lots of rinsing water-shawls,blankets, and even made beanbags which where part of an exhibition in collaboration with my dearest friend Ali Verban-this was the end prensentation of her PHD- I have some pictures somewhere that i need to look up-ok I need to go now because I have been asked to kook the choock.


Mona van dijk said...

some thing went wrong with the lay time too change it!

Delwyn said...

Hi Mona
The trees are just beautiful. I love trees too. Do you make the felt? dye it? How do you do it?

I'm glad you like this country. I love it too and I have only come from a little ways it was easy to blend in with the same language and similar culture. You are very brave to have made such a big move.

Delwyn said...

Regards the layout. I have found that what you see in the preview is not necessarily what you get...I often have to fix things later or just give up sometimes. My post today did the same thing as yours. I had the text all lined up down the RHS but when published it did a bit of this and that.

Mona van dijk said...

Hi Delwyn..I do not know how too control the layouts They have a will of there own! maybe my cat is sitting in my computer somewhere hi can buy felt in all sort of colors,silks and in combination of the two,i like too experiment and combine stitching,embroidery and a bit of tatting on the surface.
I find that the traditional felting usually does not appeal to me so much,the process stays the same,time consuming..but still love it ,if i am ever to be in Noosa again I will give you a lesson!..thanks for your comment again you are lovely xx

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mona,

I enjoyed my visit to your blog.
Your felt pictures are really great.
Your cat is lovely.


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